Under the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Board through a carefully managed grants process, FPWR selects research projects based on the collaborative input of researchers and parents, choosing projects that are both scientifically meritorious and highly relevant for individuals with PWS and their families.

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How is the Epitranscriptomic Signature of Active AGRP Neurons Disrupted in PWS?

Funded Year: 2021

Hyperphagia is thought to be a problem of neurons in the hypothalamus, caused by a dysregulation of neurons that signal being full and being hungry. Disruptions in the code for chemical modifications of RNA (called the epitranscriptome) can have detrimental effects on how neurons function. This project will use human hypothalamic hunger neurons...

Orphan GPCRS and the Neurobiology of Hyperphagia in Prader-Willi Syndrome: Role of GPR160

Funded Year: 2021

A protein called CART controls appetite and body weight in both lean and obese rodents and mutations in the CART gene have been linked to obesity in humans. The protein GPR160 helps CART signal brain cells to control appetite. However, CART and GPR160 have not been studied in PWS before. Therefore, this project will evaluate the role of CART in...

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