Under the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Board through a carefully managed grants process, FPWR selects research projects based on the collaborative input of researchers and parents, choosing projects that are both scientifically meritorious and highly relevant for individuals with PWS and their families.

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Application of Advanced Neuroimaging Techniques in Prader-Willi Syndrome

Funded Year: 2023

This research will use state of the art neuroimaging techniques to advance our understanding of the neurobiology of two of the most challenging and difficult to manage aspects of PWS: hyperphagia and psychosis. The investigators will determine if imaging can detect changes in hypothalamic function in relation to eating behavior in PWS as well as...

Mapping the hypothalamic functional architecture underlying appetite control in the PWS brain

Funded Year: 2023

Working with the Autism BrainNet, Dr. Yeo and his team will examine hypothalamic tissue samples from six individuals with PWS. The research team apply cutting edge molecular analysis to these precious samples and to map the architecture of the PWS hypothalamus, providing insight into the changes underlying appetite control. They will create a...

Integration of Serum Metabolome and Gut Microbiome to Identify Host-Microbe Metabolic Interactions in PWS

Funded Year: 2023

This project will explore how the gut microbiome influences metabolic health in PWS. Dr. Haqq is collaborating with one of the world’s leading metabolomics lab (Dr. David Wishart) to characterize ‘metabolite’ profiles in children and adolescents with PWS and explore the links between blood metabolites, the gut microbe, and metabolic health in...

Role of Microbial Metabolites in Regulating Hypothalamic Pathways Involved in Feeding Behavior

Funded Year: 2023

The probiotic supplement, BPL1, shows promise improving metabolism and behavior in people with PWS, but more work is needed to understand how this gut microbiome intervention can be optimized. This project aims to understand how probiotic supplementation improves metabolic and mental health in individuals with PWS by influencing brain circuits...

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