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Under the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Board through a carefully managed grants process, FPWR selects research projects based on the collaborative input of researchers and parents, choosing projects that are both scientifically meritorious and highly relevant for individuals with PWS and their families.

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Transcriptome-wide identification and functional annotation of PWS-encoded SNORD targets

Funded Year: 2024

The SNORD genes are known to be very important in PWS, but there is a lack of appropriate tools to study the target and function of these genes. Dr. He and his team have developed two new methods that can map the targets of the SNORD genes. They will apply these new methods to mouse models and human cell lines with a deficiency in PWS-encoded...

Cellular and molecular basis for obesity in PWS

Funded Year: 2022

In this project we propose to use a newly-developed powerful tool to identify the specific nerve cells and genes that cause the hyperphagia in individuals with PWS and then screen for drugs to correct their functions and treat the obesity associated with PWS using the MAGEL2-null mouse model. We hypothesize that those cells showing significant...

Genomewide identification of mRNA sites of 2’-O methylation targeted by SNORD116 snoRNAs (Year 2)

Funded Year: 2021

In PWS, a cluster of small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs), the SNORD116 cluster, appears to be of critical importance, but the SNORD116 targets have yet to be identified. Dr. Carmichael and his team have engineered neurons that mimic naturally-occurring PWS deletions and are using them to look for alterations in gene expression and regulation. In year...

The Role of the Placenta in PWS: Mapping the Expression of PWS Genes

Funded Year: 2020

Dr. Isles and other researchers have shown that abnormal placental function can have profound consequences for brain and behavioral development in the offspring, and that abnormal signaling from the fetal placenta can also have consequences for maternal brain and behavior, which in turn may impact offspring neurodevelopment. This project examines...

Long Non-Coding RNAs Transcribed From Prader-Willi syndrome Locus: Key Regulators of Gene Expression

Funded Year: 2020

Dr. Grzechnik’s lab is interested in uncovering the biological mechanisms underlying PWS. The deletion in the PWS locus affects the regulation of gene expression in neurons, but scientists are not exactly sure how this mechanism works. This current project is testing how coding and non-coding regions of the human genome are transcribed in cells...

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