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Under the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Board through a carefully managed grants process, FPWR selects research projects based on the collaborative input of researchers and parents, choosing projects that are both scientifically meritorious and highly relevant for individuals with PWS and their families.

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The role of oxytocin receptor-expressing astrocytes in Prader- Willi and Schaaf-Yang syndromes (Year 2)

Funded Year: 2024

Dr. Schaaf’s previous research showed that the ‘support cells’ in the brain (astrocytes) express receptors for oxytocin, are critically involved in the modulation of social behavior and anxiety, and that there are differences in both number and anatomical location of these astrocytes in healthy mice compared to a PWS mouse model. In this second...

Identification of Critical Periods for the Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Effects of Oxytocin (Year 2)

Funded Year: 2020

The goal of the second year of this research project is to determine, using a preclinical mouse model of PWS, when do the maximal health and biological effects of oxytocin occur (birth, infancy, puberty, or adult life). The study also examines neurological mechanisms by which oxytocin treatment exerts its effects on feeding and behavior in PWS....

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