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Under the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Board through a carefully managed grants process, FPWR selects research projects based on the collaborative input of researchers and parents, choosing projects that are both scientifically meritorious and highly relevant for individuals with PWS and their families.

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Transcriptome-wide identification and functional annotation of PWS-encoded SNORD targets

Funded Year: 2024

The SNORD genes are known to be very important in PWS, but there is a lack of appropriate tools to study the target and function of these genes. Dr. He and his team have developed two new methods that can map the targets of the SNORD genes. They will apply these new methods to mouse models and human cell lines with a deficiency in PWS-encoded...

Investigating the role of Snord116 in ribosome biology

Funded Year: 2024

Through previous work using a new optimized method, Dr. Whipple discovered that Snord116, a driver of PWS, directly interacts with ribosomes, the machinery that produces proteins in the cell in mouse neurons. In this funded project, they will apply their optimized method to human neurons to ask if the interaction between SNORD116 and ribosomes is...

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