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Team FPWR Fundraiser Toolkit

Thank you for joining our team of inspiring fundraisers. We are here to help make fundraising easy!



What is PWS and FPWR Poster / Handout

Short and sweet, this printable poster defines PWS, introduces FPWR and provides a QR code to let your supporters make a donation. Download the poster >>



Sample Solicitation Letter

The key to any successful fundraising campaign is sharing your story and asking for support. We welcome you to write your own letter from the heart, but if you need a little inspiration to get you started, we have a letter that you can use as-is or customize with your own message. Download and customize the letter >>

Fundraising Toolkit Solicitation Letter Cover



2-Page Flyer: Download and Share!

How are your fundraising dollars put to work? Why do we need your help to fulfill our mission? Learn more with this handout. Download now and share!

Fundraising Resource Flyer Cover


Fundraiser Slide Deck: FPWR Programs and Priorities

Do you and your donors want to learn more about the programs you are supporting? Our Fundraiser Slide Deck gives a highlight of our research programs and priority. View the slides below or download them to use in your fundraising campaign! Download the slide deck >>

Additional Resources


Fundraising Toolkit Resource Covers (9)

Fundraising Toolkit Resource Covers (1)

Cover: How to raise 200


Looking for something else? If you need additional resources, please contact us at