FPWR is pleased to offer research webinars throughout the year to present you with the latest in Prader-Willi syndrome research! A list or recorded webinars are below. For a full collection of recordings, please visit our YouTube Channel.

Research Grants Webinar, Fall 2018

Learn more about the projects recently funded through the FPWR Grants Program. Theresa Strong, FPWR Director of Research Programs, shares details on each project, as well as outcomes from previously funded projects and new opportunities in PWS research. Watch Webinar >>

PATH for PWS Webinar, Fall 2018

Learn more about a new study that will help us better understand serious medical events in PWS. PATH for PWS is a 4-year non-interventional study that is intended to inform the development and clinical trial design of potential new treatments. 500 caregivers of people with PWS are needed and we hope you will consider participation! Learn more about the study and participation in this short webinar!
Watch Webinar >>

Research Grants Webinar, Spring 2018

FPWR  announces our first round of Research Awards in 2018 totaling $615,000. In this webinar Dr. Theresa Strong will provide a review of the FPWR grants program and briefly describe each of the 7 funded grants, why we are excited about them and what their potential long term contribution could be. Watch Webinar >>

Research Grants Webinar, Spring 2017

A review of recent initiatives funded through FPWR. Includes an overview of newly funded studies, new opportunities and advances in PWS research. Watch Webinar.

Research Grants Webinar, Spring 2016

Ten outstanding projects were selected for funding, totaling $870,000 in support. These projects address a variety of topics important in PWS, including mental health, behavior, diet, hypotonia, drug development and genetic therapy via maternal chromosome activation. Information on these projects and our Research Grants Program can be viewed on our most recent Research Program Webinar.

Phase 2 Investigation of Intranasal Oxytocin, November 2015

Dr. Hollander and his team from Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine are conducting a Phase 2 study to investigate the effects of intranasal oxytocin (OXT) in children and adolescents with PWS. They will study how OXT administration impacts eating, repetitive behaviors, and social cognition in PWS. This webinar reviews the rationale for testing OXT in PWS, describes the study protocol and outcome measures, and reviews eligibility criteria. Click here to view the  Webinar

Patient Voices Survey Summary, November 2014

A summary of over 700 responses from the PWS community weighing in on our greatest challenges. Patient Voices Webinar Slides

Research Grants Webinar, Spring 2014

A review of the initiatives funded through the FPWR and One SMALL Step programs. Includes an overview of newly funded studies, and new opportunities and advances in PWS research. Webinar Slides – Research Grants 2014 Final