FPWR is fortunate to work with researchers and clinicians that are deeply invested in the welfare of our community, and in advancing research to eliminate the challenges of PWS. We get to hear a lot about their work, but also want to share some insight about these wonderful people!  In our researcher spotlight series, we talk with these amazing individuals to learn more about what drew them into a career in science, and in particular, PWS. They also share with us the impact FPWR funding has had on their work, where they see PWS research heading in the future, and some tidbits as to what they enjoy doing outside of work!

Dr. Carrie Bearden

Dr. Anastasia Dimitropoulos

Dr. Tony Holland

Dr. James Hougland

Dr. Marc Lalande

Dr. Janine LaSalle

Dr. Rudy Leibel

Dr. Larry Reiter

Dr. Christian Schaaf

Dr. Ingrid Tein

Dr. Kate Woodcock

Dr. Jeffrey Zigman