Analysis of SNHG14: A Long Non-Coding RNA Hosting SNORD116, Whose Loss Contributes to Prader–Willi Syndrome Etiology


Ariyanfar S, Good DJ.

Scientific Notation:

Genes 2023, 14(1), 97,

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The Small Nucleolar Host Gene 14 (SNHG14) is a host gene for small non-coding RNAs, including the SNORD116 small nucleolar C/D box RNA encoding locus. Large deletions of the SNHG14 locus, as well as microdeletions of the SNORD116 locus, lead to the neurodevelopmental genetic disorder Prader–Willi syndrome. This review will focus on the SNHG14 gene, its expression patterns, its role in human cancer, and the possibility that single nucleotide variants within the locus contribute to human phenotypes in the general population. This review will also include new in silico data analyses of the SNHG14 locus and new in situ RNA expression patterns of the Snhg14 RNA in mouse midbrain and hindbrain regions.

FPWR Grant:

Where and when does SNORD116 interact with its mRNA targets?