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Generous Donor Ignites the $25,000 Challenge

Meet Maria, a generous matching donor, who has expressed her heartfelt commitment to FPWR's mission by matching donations for the $25,000 challenge.

Recently, a matching donor came forward, igniting the $25,000 Challenge. Today, we want to introduce you to our generous matcher: Maria. 

D130136D-BF77-4C41-AAB9-1CA8EFA6D22E-1Maria, can you tell us about your personal connection to PWS and how it has impacted your family?

Life turned upside down and inside out for my nephew's family in 2014. Their precious daughter Eliza was born failing to thrive, and it took an agonizing train of specialist visits to finally provide a definitive diagnosis: Prader-Willi syndrome.

During the first year, Eliza spent much of her time in the NICU and her parents had their own room to sleep in so they could stay close, so her grandmother and I traded off helping out with their older daughter. We witnessed the hardships Eliza and the family endured. I will never be the same for having had that experience, and while this may seem odd, I am grateful for it. I now have a window, while incomplete, into the lives of people living with neuro-diverse children, one I would never have been able to imagine before.

What are your hopes for the funds raised through this challenge? How do you envision them making an impact?

I feel passionate about doing what little I can to support all beings who are touched by this oh-so-challenging prognosis. Research on the insatiable hunger, metabolic issues, problems with regulatory functions of the body including emotions, orthopedic issues, cognitive and behavioral challenges, and more, is sorely needed. 

I’d like to leave this earth knowing that a cure was in the pipeline. Together, I know we can make that happen!

How can you join Maria in eliminating the challenges of PWS?

As a special gesture to commemorate her 70th birthday, Maria has expressed her heartfelt commitment to our mission by not only matching donations for this challenge, but also by spearheading her own fundraising efforts. This incredible act of kindness exemplifies her dedication to her great-niece, Eliza, and the entire PWS community. 

You can join Maria in helping to eliminate the challenges of PWS by:

  1. Donating Now

  2. Joining the Challenge - set up a fundraising page and share with your family and friends

  3. Using copy-paste templates from the $25K Fundraiser Toolkit to make sharing easy

Thank you for celebrating with us in such a meaningful way, Maria. We appreciate you sharing your birthday and your story with us! 



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