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Katie and Adam Larson: A Decade of Dedication to Finding Treatments for PWS

Since first tapping into our community 12 years ago, Katie and Adam Larson have been ready to do whatever it takes to find treatments and a brighter future.

Since first tapping into our community 12 years ago, Katie and Adam Larson have been ready to do whatever it takes to find treatments and a brighter future for their son, Graham. From co-hosting One SMALL Step walks to throwing memorable Live Life FULL galas, this couple has been a stable source of research funding for more than a decade. This year, Katie and Adam decided to try a new fundraising concept: a casual brewery event in downtown Chicago.

Learn more about Katie and Adam’s story and what drives their unwavering commitment to help find treatments for their son, Graham.


Unknown-6-1An Introduction to Graham and His Dreams of the Future

Our son, Graham, is a guy with ambition. Just ask him about his future, and he will let you know he has it all mapped out. He is going into the landscaping business, where he will manage 20 crews doing lawn maintenance, patio work, and even snow removal in the winter. He is the world’s foremost 12-year-old expert on leaf blowers and other power equipment, and he already has comprehensive plans for how much equipment each of his crews will need. It sounds like a lot, but that’s ok because he has designed a headquarters for the whole operation that will include places for his crews to relax and have fun too. The future doesn’t stop at landscaping. He is also going to be a touring musician with a 20-piece band playing country, bluegrass, and rock and roll. Current estimates are that three tractor-trailers will be needed to haul their instruments around the country. Riches await, and at home, he will have room in his mansion for 20 rescue dogs. Mostly golden retrievers, of course. 


Graham may have his future mapped out, but we know we must find treatments for PWS for his dreams to become a reality. We fundraise annually for research so that we can find a drug or treatment that eases the burden of Graham's PWS symptoms. Graham deserves to live independently in his own home, and we would be so happy if he was able to have a job that he loves!

Our Recent Fundraising Event, Hope on Tap


Hope on Tap Chicago took place on Saturday, May 11th, at Revolution Brewing in Logan Square, Chicago. The event entertained 65 guests for the afternoon and raised a whopping $21,500! It was a fun, causal event, and we kept everything very simple. A slideshow featuring PWS facts and our local loved ones with PWS played in the background, and we had a small raffle. A friend of ours donated a 5-night stay in Mexico, so we had a fun and lively auction that raised $1500.

We have hosted several events, and this one was by far the easiest. FPWR provided the blueprint and managed logistics, so all we had to do was send the invitations to our family and friends and provide a few raffle items! FPWR provided us with a weekly to-do list and the materials we needed to encourage ticket sales. Next year, we plan to include more local families to make this event even bigger!

A Message to Other Families With Kids Like Graham

We all want the best for our children. We want to send them out into the world, ready to meet their goals and accomplish anything they can dream of. A diagnosis of Prader-Willi syndrome can shatter those hopes, but we will never give up. FPWR's mission is to eliminate the challenges of Prader-Willi syndrome through the advancement of research and therapeutic development. They are working to create a future where kids like Graham can be rock-and-roll landscapers and live independently. It will take time, but with all of us working together toward this same mission, we will get there for Graham and many others like him. 


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