I found a website in one of the homeschool groups I’m on that I think would be helpful to us as parents, and for our children with and without PWS. In all the tricky waters that we have to navigate, especially when we’re flooded with holiday events, some parenting support might be timely for some of us. I know it has been helpful for me.

The topic lately has been about being confidently uncertain. The idea of being confidently uncertain is meant to be a stress reliever, not only for us, but for our children. We serve our children best if they learn that we, as parents, don’t know how to do/fix/solve everything, but that we are confident that we can figure it out. We are confidently uncertain, with the stress being on the confidently as it describes the uncertain. If there is one given in our lives, it is that life is uncertain. In PWS, that’s even more so. We often feel, and hear others speak of, the dread of “the other shoe dropping.” What a burden that is for all of us to carry. If we think that the present is difficult and the worst may be yet to come, how can we even sleep at night? Maybe that’s why we don’t!

So let’s try to adopt this idea of being confidently uncertain. “I have NO IDEA how to handle this situation, but I know I can figure it out! I’ve faced the unknown and found my way before, and I can do it again.” This is a gift of real value that we can give to our children. This is a skill to be developed, a gift that must be taught primarily by example. It is an underlying understanding of how to live our lives that will help us, and our children, face whatever challenges that life inevitably brings. The ipods may short circuit, the bicycle tires may go flat, and the Elmo Live dolls may become mute, but the gift of being confidently uncertain will last forever.

all the best as we enjoy the holidays,


THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

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