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Can Breakthrough Obesity Drugs Wegovy and Tirzapatide Deliver in PWS?

You’re probably seen at least one headline heralding the remarkable successes of Novo Nordisk’s drug Wegovy (Semaglutide, 2.4 mg) and Eli Lily’s tirzepatide (currently only approved for type 2 diabetes – likely to be approved for weight loss later th...

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‘The Small Stuff Doesn’t Matter’: A Story of Hope from Sheri Mills

A special blog contribution from Sheri Mills. Sheri shared her story via our Stories of Hope Questionnaire.

Topics: Stories of Hope

Demographics and Comorbidities Among Hospitalized Patients With PWS

Dr. James Luccarelli, a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, recently published a study summarizing the demographic characteristics and medical complications of individuals with PWS who were treated at acute care hospitals in the United Stat...

Topics: Research

What's Happening in PWS Research [2022 Conference Video]

In this one hour and 17-minutevideo, Dr. Theresa Strong and the FPWR research team explore recent research breakthroughs and emerging standards of care for PWS.

Topics: Research

Watching for Mental Health Issues

Lauren Schwartz-Roth, clinical psychologist and mom to a young adult with PWS, shares how to identify and treat serious mental health issues in our loved ones with PWS.

Topics: Research

Standards of Care for People with PWS [2022 Conference Video]

In this one-hour video, Dr. Diane Stafford, Pediatric Endocrinologist at Stanford University, discusses standards of care for patients with PWS across the age continuum, including medical needs, currently available medications, supplements, and behav...

New Gene Therapy Approach Improves Metabolic Function and Behavior in Mouse Model of PWS

A recently published paper explores a novel gene therapy approach for PWS, delivering a ‘growth hormone’ for brain cells, called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). The study, Hypothalamic AAV-BDNF gene therapy improves metabolic function and b...

PWS Registry Data: Living Situations for People With PWS Change As They Get Older [INFOGRAPHIC]

As individuals with PWS grow up into young adulthood and age into mid-life years, some continue to live with parents or other family, while others reside in group home or supported living situations. Here, we focus on data from the Global PWS Registr...

A Message From FPWR's Newest Research Team Member: Lisa Burnett

Hello FPWR friends! I’m Lisa Burnett and I am thrilled to share that I’ve recently joined the FPWR team. I’d love to share a little bit about myself so that you all can get to know me. 

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