The gut microbiome in Prader-Willi syndrome


Prader-Willi syndrome individuals show impaired social behaviors and altered oxytocin levels in the brain, but the reason for this remains unknown. Here we will test whether changes in the gut bacterial content in PWS could perturb social behaviors and related changes in oxytocin. In addition, we will examine whether a probiotic bacteria strain that promotes reverses social behaviors in a mouse model of PWS.

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Dr. Theresa Strong describes this grant, why we are excited about it and what the long term contributions of this project may be in our Research Grants Program Update Webinar, Spring 2018. You can learn more about this specific project in this video segment.

Research Outcomes: Public Summary

Our findings, using two mouse models, show that Magel2 KO mice did not exhibit social behavioral deficits.

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Mauro Costa-Mattioli, PhD




Baylor College of Medicine


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