The Prader-Willi PreClinical Animal Network (PCAN):Establishing a computational platform for the PCAN initiative

Funding Summary

FPWR has established the Pre-clinical Animal Network (FPWR-PCAN) initiative to rigorously define the characteristics (phenotype) of PWS mouse models compared to ‘wild type’ or typical mice. This project will transform this effort into a valuable translational platform for the PWS scientific community by conducting multi-step, comprehensive analyses of these animal model phenotypes. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven computational approaches will be applied to extract biomedical features and build predictive models.  ‘Digital Twins’ of the PCAN mice will be developed and used to determine the effects of disease treatment, providing new solutions in the study of PWS.


Funded Year:


Awarded to:

Valter Tucci, PhD




Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia


Valter Tucci, PhD

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